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Fully Assembled Voron V2.4 R2 "PROBLEM SOLVER"

Fully Assembled Voron V2.4 R2 "PROBLEM SOLVER"

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Have you ever wanted a Voron 3D printer but didn't want to build one? Now you don't have to!


3D Pros set out to build the best fully assembled Voron on the market. We took a great base machine and added all of the mods that you'll want to save you tons of time and headaches from assembly and calibration. We call this ready to print, fully assembled Voron the "Problem Solver" edition!

This fully assembled Voron V2.4 R2 comes with:


Klicky probe

Nozzle scrubber

Purge bucket

Nevermore with exhaust fan block-off plate

Stealthburner toolhead

Clockwork 2 extruder

LED strips to light up the build volume

CAN-bus wiring for toolhead with the new EBB SB2209 CAN-bus board

Umbilical mod for CAN-bus

Octopus maniboard

Rapido hotend

Raspberry Pi 4

Sample printed Voron cube from YOUR machine

Instructions on how to connect the printer to Wi-Fi once delivered

SuperSlicer profiles for ABS and ASA will be shipped with your printer

Fully assembled and tuned for ABS and ASA (e-steps, pressure advance, input shaper etc.)

Current lead time for 350mm builds is 4 to 6 weeks.

250mm and 300mm machines are PRE-ORDER and lead time is 4 to 8 weeks.


Printed parts will be printed from ABS and primary color and frame will be black.

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