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Mandala Roseworks

Kinematic Center Brace for Voron 2.4

Kinematic Center Brace for Voron 2.4

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It's here!  Mandala Rose Works Machined Kinematic Center Brace for the Voron 2.4, a perfect accompaniment for your Mandala Kinematic Kit! 

Our Kinematic Center Brace is precision machined and is 130mm wide for a perfect fit between the extrusions for the Voron 2.4.

Choose to display the Voron logo, or the Mandala Rose Works logo.  Both logos are displayed on the brace on either side, see the images below.

Kit comes with: 

- 4 m4x8 Cap Head Bolts
- 4 m4 TNuts
- Kinematic Center Brace

This items works in conjunction with the Matched Height Kinematic Kit.

PLEASE NOTE: The pictures below show how the center brace is supposed to be used.  The center brace is sold separately from the Matched Height Kinematic Kit as it is only needed for Voron 2.4. 

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